Pay It Forward

stress-and-acid-refluxAs humans, we all hate uncertainty, whether it is not knowing where we stand in a relationship or what will happen to an ailing parent or if we will get paid in time to pay our bills this month. The content will be different for everyone, but our response is the same- STRESS!

We often do all sorts of things to try get rid of that feeling or to distract ourselves from it – sleeping, texting, drinking, eating, worrying about things we can’t control, focusing on the past or future, sex, working too much, etc.

There are couple of simple things that can help us create certainty stress-unhappy-face-400x400 even in the face of uncertain situations-  in a healthy way.  Make your good deed for the day to try these for yourself and Pay It Forward- share this information so others can too!

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Flexible or Stuck? A quick survey

flexible.stuckThink of a “sticky” subject for you. One where you feel yucky or weaker whenever it comes up or something that you keep thinking about.

It could be how you talk to yourself about your accomplishments, a death of a loved one, or maybe it is when you think about an ex-partner, a friend or job. It may even be just about something that is going on in your life right now, for example for me, the topic that inspired this post for me was about the move to the new office.

Ok, so now you have your thought, and strong and healthy you knows there is something about this subject that feels not healthy.

Let’ s see if we are being flexible or stuck?

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Adapting our initiatives!

Hi all!

1. We have adapted the  Learning for Life initiative.


  • Any person or group (including schools or classes) with an idea to improve or inspire their community, no matter how young or old, can apply for up to $500 
  • You just need to submit a request with a description of the project and the expected budget.

                 We look forward to your inspiring ideas!


2. good_news_bad_newsDue to limited interest, we will be stopping our Mentor of the Month program.


3 Reasons to Stop Being “Nice”

nmmngYou’ve heard the old saying, “Nice Guys Finish Last”… right? Well, there is some truth to that statement. In fact, searching the web I found all sorts of interesting articles.

Gregory Ciotti wrote a particularly interesting post recently about how and why nice guys earn less money… it’s worth the read.

Today we’re going to take a bit different look at the consequences of being “nice”.

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Are you Protecting your Tribe?

The only thing in life that is guaranteed is death. life and death

We have previously discussed the importance of a tribe, and today we will take a slightly different slant at protecting our tribe. We will review some of the critical documentation to have in place in order to protect your tribe for un-necessary stress and possibly even tax bills in the event of your un-timely death. Note that this review is based on living in Canada, so your mileage may vary, but at the least, these should be a good place to start.

Here is a list of what I have recently learned is helpful to have readily available:

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The REAL Relationship Questionnaire

kids.friendsLife is about relationships.

We have a relationship, a way of interacting and an opinion about absolutely EVERYTHING that we interact with, not just people. The type of relationship we have with the big things in our lives SHAPE OUR LIVES.

So let’s do a Relationship Questionnaire.…all you have to do is fill in the blanks with the first things that come to mind

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Looking for Anger

There are tons of movies out there debating which is stronger, good or evil? It is even in children’s movies, like “Monsters Inc” where they discover that screams (aka fear) is not as powerful as laughter (aka joy).monsters

Have you ever wondered what emotions are stronger? Which ones direct your life the most? If you are not sure, ask yourself if you are making most of your decisions based on AVOIDING what you don’t want or MOVING TOWARDS what you do want?

This is exactly the topic for today’s post, and as a bonus I’m going to let out my inner geek (although to be fair, it’s probably already “out there”).

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3 Things About Gratitude

We hear about having an “Attitude of Gratitude” but  why?

Isn’t that just more of that self-improvement nonsense, where we try to convince ourselves that we are happy when we are not? Does it even do anything?

yesbaby And here is why…

1. It increases out AWARENESS of the positive things in our lives

We don’t notice things we are not looking for and when we have a negative mind set, because our emotions direct out attention, our thoughts and our actions (see Old Brain New Brain post for more details on this), we instinctively notice, think about, and do things in line with our mood. 

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How Reframing Can Change Your Life

Did you know that how you think changes your body chemistry? And that this in turn actually changes how we move through difficult times.

Your thoughts create your life BLOG

We all know that our biological makeup (genes) influence behaviour (so we all have certain genetic pre-dispositiosn we get from our parents), and people sometimes get stuck here, saying their low mood or anxiety is genetic or a chemical imbalance, but many people do not know that behaviour influences gene expression also!

So although it is true, we do get some pre-dispositions from family, and we cannot change that, we CAN CHANGE what we do to mitigate how much those genes get activated and expressed in our lives. 

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